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20 years, Feidetike standing alone ELO Boost in the easternmost summoning chamber of the Institute of War. Only burning like green flames before his eyes, he issued his piercing dark, dusty home. Lucifer is here silently guarding. Alliance All Summoner know him of abuse of power, abuses of cautionary tale. A few decades ago, there was a powerful rune mage from Zuan, and his name is Esther Fan. After the fifth Rune War, he became the first league Summoner. Poisoned by the old magic too, where more and more deviated Astor Union law. In the final game, he finally could not self-control, will be closed himself in the easternmost summoning chamber, and began to read the most forbidden ritual incantation - dimensional super call.

Specific things happen summon room unknown. At that time, no representative of Zuan Summoner Canyon of Heroes. Repeat beat call room door was only silence. The first to go was killed immediately apprentice mysterious scythe. Follow few and survived by fear scared crazy, leaving only the shell servant, he spoke incoherently, Crows and death. Astor who fear even the evil can not control, the League exit closed summon all rooms, they only hope that he can stay in the destruction range. Years later, the call room stiff people have never moved, nor kill any incoming moron. Knowing is no longer available after the call room, the parliament decided to let Feidetike become executioner. He brought to light, it seems to comply with the rules of justice to call, but he was unknown in the waiting room call. His face still did not disclose the slightest clue that his sickle prepared to kill anyone standing in front of him.

Who claimed that "there is nothing to fear but fear itself," people were not informed to Crows storm.Cheap and Safe LOL ELO Boosting Online Store. We Provide you The Best LOL Boost Service, Hope You Can Enjoy Here.

When you use the Doom Bringer
- Use Dark Wind to kill a lot of soldier, soldier tried to use to get the maximum life lessons vampire effect.
- Fear of enemies using before initiating Crows storm or life lessons to ensure maximum damage.
- If you buy items to enhance spells, Feidetike will seem very fragile. Try talent and items with runes, get Gongshoupingheng.
Use the enemy Lucifer
- Do not attack when you are close allies. Dark Wind will bounce back and forth between you and your allies, and prolong its silence time.
- If you use a Feidetike Crows storm skills, you can use stun or slowdown skills, and a range of skills to escape, until the skills dissipated.
- If Feidetike disappear, whether he will have to be careful ambush in the woods guide Crows storm.

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