Planck ruthless self-proclaimed king of robbers

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"Boy, you are still wet his pants at the time, I was already in banditry, a warship sunk Noxian you want against me?"

LOL Boost Scheming, ruthless robber Planck self-proclaimed king, he used to deter violence and trickery ruled Birgi Waterford. He went, will leave death and ruins, so he infamous, notorious, as long as he's black sail just above sea level, no matter how sophisticated fleet sailors will be running around in circles.Now the Cheap ELO Boost market is a mess, from the original WOW to today's LOL, we have experienced twists and turns.However, we insist on until now. Because we are a group of people who love games and hope to offer our enthusiasm and sweat to like-minded gamers.

When you use a marine disaster
- Gun fire negotiations can be attached like a hammer or a black cleaver attack frost side effect.
- Pay attention to low health enemy on the map, you can use the cannon curtain suddenly struck him.
- Try to escape on the path of cannon curtain truncated deserter.
Enemies using Ocean disaster
- Gun fire negotiations can result in high physical damage. If the enemy Planck performed well, then provide armor items will be of great benefit to you.
- Once Planck reach 6, we should pay attention to his whole map big move, cannon curtain!

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