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It seems to in the l ' Equipe, though Henry's behavior to be beneath contempt, but in FIFA's rules and regulations, but there fifa coins are no regulations on how to punish those who Court the "hand of God". If France FA appeal to sports Arbitration Court, won of possibilities very big, FIFA of a paper punishment on will void, that they undoubtedly is since fan slap, and FIFA certainly also didn't want to offended has Ireland FA zhihou, and put France FA to offended this season early Henry Qian Club arsenal of striker Eduardo because in Champions League qualification game and Celtic a war in the suspected fake fell and was Europe AFC ban two field, but thereafter arsenal Club for has appeal, eventually "forced" Europe AFC recovered has punishment makes, The case of FIFA's backing in the absence of express provision, want to punish Henry is even harder, handball incident may only let handball has pushed to the forefront of FIFA, also let Supremo Sepp Blatter met with a great deal of embarrassment. 86 World Cup Diego Maradona has produced shocked the hand of God, Ronaldo Messi and other stars of the new generation in recent years there have been intentionally breaking behavior, but FIFA did not develop appropriate additional penalties, which eventually led to the embarrassing situation.

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