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I have always thought that soccer is a cheap fifa 15 coins modern movement of political ethics, in other words, a nation or ethnic group, if there is no good political ethics and its culture, it is difficult to expect it to do well for the sport of China is so. However, South America, Argentina, and Brazil, their bubble was the modern democratic system, football genius and one by one, turned out, teams and the results were not good. It makes me bothered, I wished I went to South America to make a visit. In fact, the relationship between sport and the ethics of politics and culture, related and unrelated. "A national or ethnic, if no good of political ethics and culture, hard expect it of football movement will carried out have good", this is must of, but does not can inverse had for, football movement carried out have good, the national or ethnic of political ethics and culture, on must is ideal, it performance of just a has relatively of game nature of Nice (reasonable) elements. Certainly, South America bubble of of modern democratic system, is a democratic system, democratic total than not democratic good, hòu sent national of democratic system select, problem and defects certainly more, but this with national favorite kicked football zhī jiān, only has must of relationship is is relationship is unlikely to of, causes is by football this class purely of of sports project game itself decided of actually, people of table tennis not also genius men did? It was a germinal interesting sport because of national needs, formed from the baby form of national sports, play to the extreme, is really a great realm: lonely seeking defeat!

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